how to raise money with coffee from Haiti  

Why raise funds with Haitian coffee? 4 simple reasons

  1. People drink coffee by the gallons: Over 400 million cups are consumed in the U.S. daily (146 billion annually). Put simply, we love coffee, and buy it often.

  2. This coffee is not run of the mill fundraiser coffee; it’s gourmet quality, rare and exotic. This means you'll get repeat business. Moreover, this coffee is natural, shade grown and traded directly - so the coffee producer is treated right.

  3. Haiti ALREADY has the capability of becoming a world-class coffee exporter; in 1950, it was the world's 3rd largest coffee producer. Coffee is a GREAT in-road in teaching others about Haiti.

  4. If people are going to buy coffee anyway and Haiti offers an excellent bean, then Singing Rooster becomes an obvious link in making the world a better place.

Drink our coffee, build an economy.

Pass it on.


how to raise money with coffee from Haiti

Win-Win: when you use Haitian coffee to raise money for your charity, you win. Our farmers also win because we can continue buying their beans at premium / MUCH higher than fair trade prices.

Plus, we return 100% of the proceeds to farmers in the form of guided assistance that improves their product & business skills.

Haitian coffee is a great way to raise money, funds for your cause

If you're a Non-Profit, school, or charity organization, add Singing Rooster's Haitian coffee to your fund raising arsenal. We'll show you how to raise money with coffee from Haiti.

We've helped hundreds to raise thousands.

100% of Singing Rooster's efforts go BACK to Haiti; we provide direct assistance to rural coffee farming communities through interrelated support for the sake of self-sustainability, dignity and economic autonomy.

Our Haitian Mountain Bleu coffee comes from the same plant & is grown in the same region as the wildly successful Jamaican Blue - but at a fraction of the price.

Our goals: provide Fundraising ideas, fundraising with coffee, raising money with coffee, building/developing Haiti's economy through coffee.