how to raise money with coffee from Haiti  

Haitian Coffee Fund Raiser Helps You, Helps Haiti

Need a great idea on how to raise money while also building Haiti's' economy?


We help nonprofits -- .orgs, churches, schools, even parents adopting Haitian children -- to raise money through Haitian coffee: we sell your organization coffee at wholesale prices & you, in turn, use it to raise funds for your own work in Haiti & elsewhere around the world.

We're Singing Rooster - a certified nonprofit & we assist Haitian coffee farmers. We source beans from the major coffee growing regions of Haiti -- from the Mountains above Dondon & the Artibonite, to the peaks of Marigo & Thiotte. In 2012, we began sourcing from Beaumont & the crests above Cavallion.

We are more than direct trade buyers-- we work on the ground with our Haitian partners to improve their product, assist with business management and provide preharvest financing. And we pay well above Fair Trade prices. Details on Singing Rooster's work with Haitian coffee farmers.

All of our coffee is 100% Arabica and wet processed. Varietals are Arabica typica and Arabica blue mountain --grown from the same plant & in a similar region as the wildly successful Jamaican Blue coffee - but at a fraction of the price.


how to raise money with coffee from Haiti

Your organization can raise money for your work in Haiti and elsewhere around the world by buying our delicious Haitian coffee wholesale.

Raising money by using something people use everyday becomes an easy sale. Given the quality of Haitian coffee & the fact that our coffee is roasted in small batches, it's more than just "fundraiser coffee," it's a rare and forgotten gem that people will buy often.

Learn how here.

Haitian coffee is a great way to raise money, funds for your cause

If you're a Non-Profit, school, or charity organization, add Singing Rooster's Haitian coffee to your fund raising arsenal. We'll show you how to raise money with coffee from Haiti.

We've helped hundreds to raise thousands. Details here.

100% of Singing Rooster's efforts go BACK to Haiti; we provide direct assistance to rural coffee farming communities through interrelated support for the sake of self-sustainability, dignity and economic autonomy.

Our goal: Fundraising ideas, fundraising with coffee, raising money with coffee.

Our Haitian Mountain Bleu coffee comes from the same plant & is grown in the same region as the wildly successful Jamaican Blue - but at a fraction of the price